HR Support


HR Support

Personality and potential assessment

We are qualified in the use of personality assessment tools to support our expertise in the recruitment of your future talent.

These tools will provide additional insight into how candidates operate as well as the impact of their personal behaviour on their performance and leadership style.
They will also allow us to better understand what determines their satisfaction and commitment and how best to manage them.
They can also measure the reasoning and learning abilities of candidates.

This offer can be integrated into a recruitment process or support an in-depth analysis of potential in the context of internal development.


We also work with a network of certified coaches who can respond on-demand to issues that go beyond talent acquisition:
• Successful mobility: being supported in your new responsibilities internally or in the integration of a new company…
• Asserting yourself in your position: optimising your management style, developing your leadership, improving your communication…
Support is provided by a certified coach, regularly supervised in his or her practice, and conducted in accordance with the code of ethics of the profession.

HR Consulting

We can also assist start-ups, VSEs and SMEs with broader HR consultancy assignments when they do not have an HR department or do not have enough time to devote to these projects: recruitment process, integration, job descriptions, performance and potential assessment, team cohesion, etc.