Our values


Our values

The 21st century has brought about a refocusing on humans and the search for meaning. This is why everything we do is done in accordance with the ethics of our consulting profession and the six values that characterise our brand.


It is the very basis of our exchanges. By acting with sincerity, we invite the person to present themselves in a natural and straightforward way. This allows us to closely understand each individual’s personality and motivations.


We adapt to each new project quickly while facilitating your business processes. This is possible thanks to the human size of our firm and the assurance of having a single contact person for the long term.


Throughout recruitment projects, we cultivate a collaborative mindset towards our clients and candidates. We are available and act as a partner with a common goal of success.


It is inseparable from authenticity and governs all our contracts and exchanges. It strengthens our communication, creates a relationship of trust and helps to strengthen our credibility and commitment.


In all our interactions, we cultivate a caring attitude based on active listening, and we show genuine interest in others. This is how we ensure a detailed assessment of candidates’ backgrounds, motivations and personalities.


At A.ASTON we like to go off the beaten path and think “out of the box”. We are curious about new trends and changing markets, and we continuously adapt our practices to new expectations and behaviours.